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About Us

As KARPAKS PROFESSIONAL, we started our activities in 2019 with market research, analysing the needs of the carpet washing industry and R&D studies on carpet shampoo.
After about 6 months of research, development and analysis, we established our production facilities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey, respectively.

As a result of our cooperation with businessmen and industry representatives from different countries, as of 2021 we have laid the foundations of a brand that sells products in 35 countries and is a solution partner to thousands of companies throughout the world.
We continue on our way with our understanding of production focused on superior quality, sustainable customer relations, innovation and development.

Since the day we were established, we have set our main target as production in the Carpet Cleaning Products group, in which our founding staff and team are experts, and we endeavor and desire to achieve the best results in this field.
The reality is that KARPAKS, which has taken the initiative in the field of carpet washing chemicals in which we are experts and are supported by experts, has established a very strong national and international staff,  mobilized all the opportunities of chemical science to produce the best products for this sector, and has targeted the highest quality password of the sector and has already managed to become an important turning point in the sector.
We would like to thank all our stakeholders who have been with us on this journey and wish them success.