We have been working on developing a comprehensive product line for the washing and stain removal of bamboo and similar sensitive carpets for more than a year. Bamboo carpet washing is no longer a problem for companies working with Karpaks. Thanks to these products, which can be safely used on bamboo, viscose, sensual, silk, Nepalese and similar sensitive carpets:

You will achieve perfect cleaning

You will deliver service with zero stains

You will submit carpets with maximum brightness

The yarn of the washed carpet will regain their original softness and volume.

And most importantly, you will be able to work with zero risk.

In summary, all your problems regarding bamboo carpets are solved.

What products does this product group consist of?

1. Stain remover for preliminary treatment

 2. Shampoo for main wash

 3. Rinse aid for main wash

 4. Volumizing and softening product for carpet fibers

 5. Post-squeezing final control stain touch-up product

It is not necessary to use all of these products on every carpet and in every situation. But 100% success is possible with this product group for even the toughest carpets.